Month: January 2014

About Myself

My name is Stephanie Vazquez. I am currently in-between pursuing two completely different careers, One is the Air Force and the other is Early Childhood Education. I am going to try and get into the Air Force after completing my general education degree at COD this semester. If it does not work out then I will finish my Early Childhood Degree either at COD or a University. I am taking this course because it fulfills my requirement for my general education degree. Considering there was other courses I could have taken I chose this one because it seemed to catch my interest in social media. My hopes from this class are to learn how to become a successful blogger and learn more about journalism. Ive always been curious about what makes an journalist effective. My expectations from this class is to succeed with an A. ┬áMy future goal in life would be to do diet therapy in the Air Force and like I said if that didn’t work out I would be an Early Childhood Educator, but most most importantly my future aspiration is to find out who I am. I have been struggling to find out who I am for the past few years and as I am writing my first blog on this site I feel that blogging with help me find that out. Its like a journal I honestly feel comfortable sharing information and I am exited to see what other people have to say on here. It will be a nice change of pace from Facebook and Instagram.