Month: February 2014

Not so sweet Valentines day </3

Remember all those fun special holiday parties you had back in elementary school that were filled with snacks, candy, gifts and fun actives? Well part of that is being taken away from the children at Hawinton Consolidated school this year on Valentines day. Todd Stames provides the details in “Kids broken-hearted over school’s Valentines Day candy ban”candy

This news story covered the who, what, where, when and how within the first sentence. Todd Stames from Fox News took the Basic News lead approach by using the summary lead. Then the “Why” and “how” are answered in the first paragraph with what the principal wrote to the parents:

“We are working to encourage healthy practices swell as manage food choices in classrooms were food allergies are present in order to maintain a safe environment.”

He goes on to state the facts about the story, What others are saying and also comments in response to the actions that the school is taking using wity humor. He uses Focus, Clarity and answers the 5 W’s and How. He provides an interview, pictures, and direct quotes from the principal, the nurse and teachers.

I work in a preschool and know how excited they are for exchanging Valentines day cards and our party. I understand they are tying to promote healthy choices but I can’t imagine how the children of Harwinton School feel about this. 

One thing I did like is how he includes a quote from part of the conversation he had over a telephone interview with one of the teachers named Stacey Sefcik who actually wrote a letter to the principal expressing her displeasure towards the new policy.

“I’m totally fine with teaching nutrition and encouraging healthy choices,” she said. “I applaud their intent, but the execution has a lot to be desired. It’s just candy for one day.” -She makes a very good point.


How accurate do we think our memory really is?

1. Stories covered by WGN News at 9pm on February 4th, 2014

2. Hard Covered Stories

  • Weather, showing pictures they took of weather that were submitted to WGN
  • Firefighters caught in fire
  • Tollway worker killed on job last week on i-88
  • Investigation on mayor Dally’s nephew punched a man- Trying to homicide in 2004 cover up. He said he was only protecting himself from David kosman (self defense)

Soft Feature Stories 

  • Governor Quin wants to purpose budget-5 year spending plan
  • Sochi Russia is having problems with hotels being build. Showing twitter posts from drinking water, she took a picture and posted it.
  • Sports-Bulls having a rough month, hawks having emotional night from Kane’s story.
  • Facebook turns 10 years old today.-Users posted pictures from the past 10 years. Their goal is for Facebook to grow over the next ten years in tying to re invent itself.
  • Target being hacked
  • Man saves dog and owner from lake Michigan-Good Samaritan helped out dog and man are stable condition
  • Hinsdale middle school returned to school today closed to mold
  • People came down with half disease swelling skeleton muscle in buffalo fish,- Any fish bought After Jan. 30th cooking does not kill it. Could develop symptoms
  • BIT coin “cyber money”-Internet currency that has been a secret for a while.
  • Memory not as effective as we think. Studies shown memory is in a constant stat of change.
  • Racial hostility in train yards African American conductor afraid to go make to work after he was failed to be protected by hateful language racial slurs assaulted by men.

3. The story that appealed to me the most would the memory study. Studies show memory is in a constant state of change. Northwestern memory study medical research had ran simple tests on participants and did MRA scans. What makes this story “newsworthiness” exactly? I would say this story fits under the Relevance category. This effects every single person in some way or another, the headline was “Your memory may not be as effective as you think” Just by hearing that, People want to hear about how it is rev lent  to themselves. They had shown the tests they ran on the participants and its results. They included who exactly was in charge of this study and offered additional information about the study, They seemed to have reliable sources. It stuck with me especially because I consider myself to have a bad memory and was immediately interested in what kind of studies they did and what they found. They provide this link for more information. 

Here is the link to WGN covering the story: (Includes video)

For more information, WGN provided this link:

Interesting coverage from Obamas Speech that could relate to you

The Telegraph really does great job at discussing the coverage and reactions of social media durning President Obama’s speech on the State Of The Union on Tuesday night. They show the highlights and live coverage, Other videos, Tweets, direct quotes from Obama, Comments, photos, links to related articles, and a timeline of the events. They also provide an option to share this to other social media outlets. I feel it was very effective because considering I missed watching it Tuesday night, this filled me not only on Obamas speech but also on the peoples reactions. It gave me a good perceptive on the vision Obama has for the country, his new plans and ideas. Along with that it mentions what people are saying about his speech, Whether they agree or disagree. What is most important to me and what I feel makes an effective and interesting story or news coverage is to not only the summary of the topic of interest but also what the others have to say about it. Not because I feel it would change my perspective on it but to get other peoples opinion and see if others feel the same way as I do, or maybe see it from a different point of view.

Copy and paste this link and it will take you directly to the site. If you want to refresh your memory on Tuesday night speech, This will give you a great overview and some insight on what everyone is saying about it. It Also provides video highlights and descriptions of specific topics that could relate to you. Really does a great job at breaking all the information down!