Interesting coverage from Obamas Speech that could relate to you

The Telegraph really does great job at discussing the coverage and reactions of social media durning President Obama’s speech on the State Of The Union on Tuesday night. They show the highlights and live coverage, Other videos, Tweets, direct quotes from Obama, Comments, photos, links to related articles, and a timeline of the events. They also provide an option to share this to other social media outlets. I feel it was very effective because considering I missed watching it Tuesday night, this filled me not only on Obamas speech but also on the peoples reactions. It gave me a good perceptive on the vision Obama has for the country, his new plans and ideas. Along with that it mentions what people are saying about his speech, Whether they agree or disagree. What is most important to me and what I feel makes an effective and interesting story or news coverage is to not only the summary of the topic of interest but also what the others have to say about it. Not because I feel it would change my perspective on it but to get other peoples opinion and see if others feel the same way as I do, or maybe see it from a different point of view.

Copy and paste this link and it will take you directly to the site. If you want to refresh your memory on Tuesday night speech, This will give you a great overview and some insight on what everyone is saying about it. It Also provides video highlights and descriptions of specific topics that could relate to you. Really does a great job at breaking all the information down! 



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