TIME tells all

All three photos I chose to be my top three favorite from TIME NewsFeed: Picks the Most Surprising photos of 2013 because I found myself drawn to them at the first glance. They capture the essence of the moment, they speak for themselves. They all fit into the three rules for visual story telling which is fill your frame, control your background and shoot for moments. The photographers made it clear what point they wanted to get across using emotion. These photos provide a feeling to the story and give it context.

The captions I used are from TIME NewsFeed, they provide a clear description of the picture. 

 First photo: June 17, 2013, Pope Francis attends the opening of the Pastoral Convention of the Diocese of Rome at the Vatican. The lighting is the biggest factor that sets a scene for this image. The use of contrast of light and dark help distinguish the focal point. The way that the popes hands are positioned and the way he is seated develops a sense of character. It is also not to close up, the distance is about medium but it still a good enough position for us to feel the emotion happening.  


Second Photo: July 3, 2013. Race leader yellow jersey holder Orica Greenedge team rider Simon Gerrans of Australia cycles past Sisters of the Consolation congregation during the 228.5 km fifth stage of the centenary Tour de France cycling race from Cagnes-Sur-Mer to Marseille.
The angle this is shot from almost makes it look 3D. There are two completely different types of events happening in this pictures and although it may seem cluttered, It fits the frame well with the amount of people and facial expressions. They give off a sense of the people’s excitement when watching these bicyclists pass.  Perfect timing for this picture to be shot, and it is up close. There is no main focus but the background seemed to be controlled, The only thing I would say about this one the colors might be over whelming, and it could be little too much motion. 



Third Photo: Aug. 7, 2013. A general view of the 108-meter-tall 1:3-scale replica of Eiffel Tower built by a real estate developer in the residential block named Tianducheng on in Hangzhou, China.
The angel is everything in this picture. The way the replica of the Eiffel tower is centered along with the building in the background being symmetrical. The grass is looking extra green stick out. The shot looks like it was taken medium, we can only see half of the tower but it still fits the frame perfect.  I would say the focal point is the replica but I want to say it’s the path leading up to it, The way the background is set up with the trees fading in the distance is what turns into my focus, The contrast of light and dark help distinguish that. 




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