Month: April 2014

Fighting For Their Lives

 An interesting story I found was on called A ‘Silent Killer’ Returns: Live Chat With Filmmaker on Fighting TB. The story was about how the Health News From NPR Shots teamed up with PBS’s Frontline to host an online panel discussion with the director of the film TB Silent Killer, Jezza Neumann. The panel provided questions and answers about TB and the film. What got my attention right away was the video they provided. It was a 2:16 min trailer that gave a quick summary of the documentary and the epidemic itself. It kept me wanting to know more and I wanted questions answered. The trailer gives a good glimpse of what the film is about but I think a slide show of pictures from the film could have been added. This way if the reader doesn’t have time to watch the video, they could just skim through the pictures. Another element that could have been added is a map of where the epidemic is happening in Southern Africa.

Some questions I have for the author 

1. How did you prepare yourself for this interview? 

2. Did you feel you got all the information needed and questions answered? If not what would you say or do differently looking back on the interview?

3. How did you get other people involved in the discussion?